For years I have been a regular blood donor and I’m very disappointed that I am no longer able to donate my blood because the transfusion service does not accept blood from anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis. Although I understand and appreciate the guidelines are there to protect the health of recipients it is particularly upsetting as my blood group (A rhesus negative) has been in short supply and only 6% of the UK population have this blood type.

Giving blood saves lives and one day it might be yours, or someone you love.

We can’t always find money for charities or have the time to volunteer in our community but please, will you consider being a blood donor? Even if you only do it once, even if you don’t like the idea, it’s a small price to pay for the knowledge that your blood may save the life of another. What could be a more precious gift?

Is there someone willing to take my place as a regular blood donor? Consider this as if your life (or someone else’s) depended on it.

Or will you please share this message and the link below with others?

Thank you