Mindfulness Meditation


Is Mindfulness Meditation a good idea?

I am a great advocate of mindfulness practice as research shows that it can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.


Where to start?

I’m often asked by clients for recommendations of how to start a meditation practice as they feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that is readily available on the subject. For instance, a recent Google search of the term ‘mindfulness meditation’ revealed over 37 million results and Amazon had more than 17 thousand books on the subject!


Combining Mindfulness Meditation and Positive Psychology

Dr Itai Itzvan, is a Positive Psychology Professor at the University of East London and a teacher of mindfulness meditation who has written several books and publications on both subjects. He includes positive psychology in his mindfulness meditation technique to increase optimism, self-compassion, happiness, gratitude and meaning in life. Rather than just seeking to eliminate the negative, this programme is designed to improve happiness and wellbeing. He offers the following courses –

Eight Session Course

An 8-session online course for the cost of $130. For more details and to book please use this link –

8 Session Course


Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher Course

There is also the opportunity to learn how to become a mindfulness and meditation teacher. This is an online course which provides you with videos, exercises and activities for a comprehensive teacher training experience. When you complete the training course you get a formal mindfulness and meditation teaching certificate.

Teaching Course


Affiliate Disclosure

I am happy to recommend the work of this programme because I have purchased it myself and I can testify that it is an excellent course. However, I feel it appropriate to reveal that Dr Itai Itzvan is an Associate of Positive Psychology Learning of which I am a Director. Using the links on this page will provide me with a small commission, however you can purchase the course directly from Itai’s website. A financial incentive was not my motive for including and promoting his work and I hope that it is helpful to those who are thinking of finding out more about Mindfulness Meditation programmes and have asked me for a recommendation.