Thank you to those who have liked, shared, commented and sent me messages after the publication of the Absolutely FAPulous blogs.

Pre Take-Off Announcement

Since I started to write my AbFAP blog I have come across a few problems about how and where I communicate my thoughts and feelings about having this diagnosis. The problem is that this condition is rare, complex and complicated and not everyone in my family wants it to be discussed in an open forum. Although, I have found writing this blog to be extremely therapeutic for me, I don’t want to continue with it if it causes upset.

This has presented me with a conundrum. How can I continue to write and publish my blogs as I would like, whilst still respecting the wishes of others, including those who want me to continue? Like a lot of things in life, sometimes it is not possible to please all of the people all of the time but there is usually a compromise and I hope I’ve found one.

Change to Flight Plan

The main objective of my blog was to write about the challenges of a medical diagnosis through the lens of positive psychology. In this regard, FAP simply represented an adversity that has to be managed and the strategies to cope will be same for people facing situations such as divorce, redundancy, financial difficulties, mental health problems and any of a myriad of other situations. What we need is to find the resilient way to manage and so this blog you are reading now will become ‘The Resilient Way’.

New Hub

Does this mean that the Absolutely FAPulous blog will cease to exist? No! In just a short space of time I have connected with so many people who are affected by this disease because they or someone they know has it. I have heard from people like me who have recently had a diagnosis and we are finding great comfort from connecting. In time, I hope my blog will be a resource for people who are facing the same journey, so they can read about the emotional, social and psychological effects from a subjective perspective.

I’m not sure where Absolutely FAPulous will end up but I have confidence that there is a place where people who are specifically interested in FAP will be able to find it. Watch this space.

The Resilient Way

I will send this blog to all of you who have signed up to receive my AbFAP blogs to your inbox and you can choose whether you want to unsubscribe or continue to receive The Resilient Way. When I know the new destination of Absolutely FAPulous I will let you know about that too. If you want to learn more about resilience and other aspects of positive psychology then please stay on this journey with me.