Stupid – I’m not the only one (?)

I have just wasted the good part of 10 minutes searching for the source of the beep. The beep in this case was a very tiny sound that was reminiscent of a mine-sweeper from some black and white movie I saw once. It appeared to be coming from something on my desk but after picking up every object and listening to it (including the stapler!) and doing the same in every drawer, I couldn’t find anything.

Sound travels

I know that our ears can trick us (although in fact, it’s our brain that interprets everything) and sometimes we can be deceived. So, I decided to move to the other side of the room to see if I could hear it here too – I could. Now, congratulating myself that I had not been fooled to believe it was near the desk (too clever for that auditory deception ears!), I started to look on the bed. There are a lot of electrical gadgety things here that Iain is ‘going to sort out’ (one day?) and they seemed a logical source of the noise, but no luck here either.

Don’t get distracted

I have an appointment at the doctors at 08.30 this morning and plenty of time to get there if I’m not distracted and I’ve already avoided Eddie Izzard (in audio form) so I’m not going to let this hardly perceivable noise ruin my plans. Although, it’s very irritating not to have solved the mystery. I shall make a second cup of tea instead, and that’s what solved the mystery. Like a good crime writer, I shall write about this in the next paragraph – suspenseful!

So stupid

When the noise travelled with me I realised that I, or something on me was the source. Yes, my mobile phone in the pocket of my dressing gown emitting the tiniest noise of an alarm was there. I felt really stupid but I suspect we’ve all done things like this (seeking reassurance).

Evidence that I’m not the only one

I should have realised because I now remember my lovely friend Wendy doing something similar at work, wherever she went she could hear lovely music which she eventually discovered, like me was coming from her phone, which was better than the alternative than she had died or was about to die and this was the sound of angels singing.

Another friend, Bram, sadly no longer alive had a similar occurrence, a haunting this time, in his kitchen.  Living alone, it was disturbing that every now and again he was clearly able to hear a voice say “Mmmmm… beer!” “Yes, ohhhh yes! … Yoohoooo!” Was it a spirit encouraging him to drink alcohol? Or, his unconscious mind tempting him to drink at inappropriate times of the day whenever he had made a conscious decision to make a cup of tea? Well, actually it was a Homer Simpson bottle opener, bought by his son that was in the same drawer as the teaspoons. He wasn’t familiar with Homer’s voice and like me couldn’t never tell where it had come from. His detection was made more difficult than mine as it was only activated when he opened the drawer (not when it was shut) and I expect his experience was psychologically disturbing. ‘I hear voices, encouraging me to drink!’


I’m not the only one (I believe/hope). I’m sure other people put the milk in the cupboard instead of the fridge occasionally and look for their glasses when they are on their head or wonder where there phone is when they are actually talking on it (ok just me then).

Please noteI am an early riser and frequently wake up with thoughts and questions on my mind. I write them down and record them in these short unedited, un-researched, unscientific bits of writing. They are written in a half asleep hypnopompic state and should not be regarded as anything more than what they are – random thoughts and musings. For sensible subjects and writing please visit Positive Psychology Learning website