Photograph of desk of Lesley Lyle with typewriter, notebook and blotter

Creating positive change through the application of science based processes


Brief Encounter of the Real Kind

There are people we meet in life who make a lasting impression on us, teach us things and act as future role models. They may be teachers, colleagues friends and even strangers. I suspect that they will probably never know the positive difference they made - that's a...

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Black Friday Blues

It was 'Black Friday' yesterday, I don't know what colour it is today, maybe it's yellow, or maybe it depends on the sort of day you are having? A new occasion I don't remember Black Friday existing when I was a child. Only in the last few years have I become aware of...

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Sorry Vanessa!

More on Artist's Way On the theme of Julia Cameron - during one of her sessions at the Writer's Workshop, we were asked to think about our inner critic. I was pleased to work on unmasking this cowardly voice that lives deep inside my unconscious mind, who pops up...

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