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A hug in a blanket

I have recently bought a weighted blanket, sometimes called a gravity blanket. I understand that they are more popular in USA but in the UK (as far as I understand) they are a specialised item commonly used for people who suffer from anxiety or stress. A weighted...

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Brief Encounter of the Real Kind

There are people we meet in life who make a lasting impression on us, teach us things and act as future role models. They may be teachers, colleagues friends and even strangers. I suspect that they will probably never know the positive difference they made - that's a...

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Black Friday Blues

It was 'Black Friday' yesterday, I don't know what colour it is today, maybe it's yellow, or maybe it depends on the sort of day you are having? A new occasion I don't remember Black Friday existing when I was a child. Only in the last few years have I become aware of...

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