This website is a portal to some of the things I do. You may have arrived here by following a link from another website or you may have just searched for my name. Whatever the reason – WELCOME ! You will see that I have more one area of interest and I fulfill a number of different roles and jobs. I love travel, variety and meeting new people, learning, teaching, coaching, training, laughing and having fun.

I love what I do and I do what I love

There is a common thread to everything I’m interested in, and in everything I do, and that is, positive intention. Some years ago I attended a course designed to help people discover their ‘life’s purpose’. It required me to do a lot of self-reflection and participate in exercises designed to capture the things I felt passionate about. Eventually it was possible to condense this information into one sentence. It read –

I want to inspire people to inspire themselves to make positive change”

That sentence became and still is the driving force behind everything I do and have done since.

I have learned things from ‘the inside out’

I have spent many years studying and training to acquire the knowledge that I have, but it was the application of this knowledge on myself that taught me what I know. I now facilitate the environment and conditions to enable others to have a similar experience of experiential learning.

I continue to learn, develop and grow

My own self-development is important to me and I am always keen to extend my knowledge, learn new skills and grow. As well as coach others I receive coaching from my own coach and I have a supervisor to guide me in my clinical work. Additionally, some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned have come from the clients and delegates on the training courses and workshops where I’ve been the facilitator.

What I Do

During the past ten years I have studied and gained qualifications in several specific areas. Although the subject matters were each taught as separate disciplines they tend to overlap in my work. For instance, at times I may be working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist but find it is appropriate to incorporate a technique taught on my NLP Practitioner training course. Or I may find it helpful to include something I learned during my Stress Management Trainer training programme.

Positive Psychology

Clinical Hypnosis

Laughter Facilitator







Who I Am

Of course, I’m not just defined by the work I do.  On a more personal note, I am the mother of three grown up children and in June and October 2014 I became the proud grandmother of a grandson and granddaughter. I am fortunate to live in the wonderful beauty of the New Forest with my partner, Iain. I am an advanced member of Toastmasters, enjoy badminton and walking in the Forest and on the beach.

Bucket List

I think everyone should have a bucket list. Mine is long but it includes exploring Bhutan, ‘wild swimming’, seeing sloths in the wild and learning how to do the front crawl with style.