Photograph of desk of Lesley Lyle with typewriter, notebook and blotter

Creating positive change through the application of science based processes


Sorry Vanessa!

More on Artist's Way On the theme of Julia Cameron - during one of her sessions at the Writer's Workshop, we were asked to think about our inner critic. I was pleased to work on unmasking this cowardly voice that lives deep inside my unconscious mind, who pops up...

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Good Morning – Pages

I have a feeling that this may be a long post or post that becomes a series of posts because that's what happens when I am inspired. Hearing words I recently attended a Hay House event, the Writer's Workshop, in Bristol, UK. One of my main reasons to attend was...

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Nothing Lasts

‘Nothing Lasts’. Does that title make you feel sad? Does it sound negative to you? Is it the sort of remark you expect from someone who is bitter and regretful? Do you imagine only someone who had been hurt/disappointed/rejected/abandoned would say it? The source of...

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