Photograph of desk of Lesley Lyle with typewriter, notebook and blotter

Creating positive change through the application of science based processes


Who Shall I Be ?

I don't often had bad dreams but last night was an exception (probably because of the medication I took to help deal with the effects of the wasp sting).  It wasn't a nightmare as such but it was disturbing and I woke up with an unpleasant feeling. Drifting As I lay...

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The Sting

Last month I stood on a wasp, an action I recommend others avoid at all costs. I felt the sting and it hurt, a lot, like being electrocuted and burned with a cigarette at the same time. I had my hands full at the time and although my instinct was to drop everything...

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A Master of Some

I expect you know the adage ‘Jack of All Trades, Master of None’ and maybe you think it is apt and wise advice – I disagree. Ten thousand hour rule Yes, in order to master something you need to practice it a lot. According to Malcolm Gladwell, this is 10,000 hours if...

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