Photograph of desk of Lesley Lyle with typewriter, notebook and blotter

Creating positive change through the application of science based processes


Nothing Lasts

‘Nothing Lasts’. Does that title make you feel sad? Does it sound negative to you? Is it the sort of remark you expect from someone who is bitter and regretful? Do you imagine only someone who had been hurt/disappointed/rejected/abandoned would say it? The source of...

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Self-Care First

There are lots of reasons why people get stressed and anxious but recently I keep hearing the same thing from the clients I see. They are suffering from overwhelm because they care for others to the extent that they don’t have enough time to care for themselves....

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The Art of Missing

Lucky I am lucky that I have a partner that I love spending time with. For more than eight years, we worked together and lived together, something that other couples told us would be their worst nightmare but it suited us. We travelled the world, sharing experiences...

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